K.R. Woodard

Bio- K.R Woodard is a full-time mama, part-time tattoo artist and free-lance Professional Whistler. She is a unique personality in East Texas and loved by many. She is affectionately known and loved by many in the Pineywoods as Ruby.

Originally from North Carolina, she settled in East Texas by way of Arkansas, Houston, and then Florida. She moved often, traveled the globe and observed the vast variety of people’s cultures.  Woodard currently resides in Nacogdoches, the first town established in Texas.

At an early age, Woodard became interested in folks…whether it was people-watching in London or eaves-dropping at Kinfolks. She looks forward to interviewing local characters for MY ETX so that she can feel all official-like and not just nosey.

Her hobbies include gardening, pretending to learn how to cook, starting various art projects but not finishing them, whistling at various events and anything her rascally son is into at the time.

MY ETX is proud to introduce you to an East Texan that everybody ought to know!

K.R. Woodard can be contacted via email at whistlingfool@gmail.com.


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2 Responses to K.R. Woodard

  1. Sherry Lawson says:

    A wonderful character she is!! A brave one also!!

  2. Anya Ruby says:

    What about South Carolina where your darling sis was born? I guess you were too young to remember living there – as was I.

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