Learn the Official Folk Dance of Texas

Learn the Official Folk Dance of Texas

Kilgore- March 19, 1991, during the 72nd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, the square dance became the official state folk dance of Texas when HCR153 was signed by Governor Ann Richards. Modern American Square Dancing is America’s folk dance. Texas is one of over 30 states that recognize Square Dancing as America’s dance.

The square dance for four couples, or groups of four couples, is performed in a compact framework of a square, each couple forming a side. Traditionally accompanied by a fiddle, accordion, banjo and guitar, the couples perform a variety of movements prompted by the patter or singing calls (instruction) announced by the “caller.”

Learn to square dance in 2012. Square dancing lessons will be available in Kilgore weekly on Mondays, beginning January 23 through April 30 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome and your first night is FREE! There are 30-plus square dances a month in the Longview, Kilgore and Tyler areas alone!

Square dancing lessons will be held at the Kilgore Community House at 622 Kay Street # 101.

Register prior to start of classes or at first class. Contact 903-983-8661 for registration and 903-834-4004 for square dance information.

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