Love Your Ta-Ta’s

Love Your Ta-Ta’s

By Laura Lee Jones / Red Dirt Couture

The last time I really thought about my bra was about 20 years ago. Being a 13 year old girl on her first bra shopping trip was utterly exciting. That night I spent the night at a friend’s house and we spent the night building ourselves bigger boobs by stuffing our bras with socks and various pieces of cut up foam.  It wasn’t until I was bra shopping a few years ago that I realized that since that night that I stuffed my bra like a turducken, I’d barely given a thought to those things I wear every day.

I was at the lingerie section of Nordstrom in Dallas, when a sales woman resembling an older Kim Cantrell, informed me that I was wearing the wrong size bra. In fact, after much research on the topic, I have found that the majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra. I was set straight in a hurry by Ms. Cantrell who measured me and pointed me to the right undergarment.

The right bra works wonders! Not only will it support and enhance your bust- it will also improve the way clothes look on your body. After all, why spend money on all those fab clothes if your bra doesn’t fit? For do-it-yourself measuring, follow the easy guide below.

Size Yourself Up

  • To measure the band: Tightly wrap a tape measure around your ribs, directly under your breasts. Then, take a second measurement by wrapping the tape snugly around your back, under your arms and straight across the top of your chest. If the numbers are different, take an average of the two.
  • To measure your cup size: Place the tape measure on your sternum, between the breasts, and extend it out over the widest part of the breast to the point where it connects with your rib cage. Four inches is an A-cup, five inches is a B-cup, and six inches is a C- cup, and so on. If your breasts are different sizes, go with the larger size.     

 The Balconette is sexy and it offers plenty of support. This bra is ideal to wear with V-necks and other low-cut tops.

The Minimizer has an oval underwire and a wider band. This bra will make larger cups look smaller- without looking flatter!





The Molded Cup bra is the perfect bra to wear if you want to avoid “nipping out”! It is virtually invisible under even the tightest clothing.






The Push-up bra is an instant cleavage-creator! The best kind have gel or air-filled inserts.

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