ETX Blogs is networking with other East Texans who love East Texas or just happen to be here. We are gathering interesting characters throughout the Pineywoods who blog about their lives in East Texas.

Whistling Woman Cackling Hen

K.R. Woodard is a full-time mama, part-time tattoo artist and free-lance Professional Whistler. She is a unique personality in East Texas and loved by many. She is affectionately known and loved by many in the Pineywoods as Ruby.

Originally from North Carolina, she settled in East Texas by way of Arkansas, Houston, and then Florida. She moved often, traveled the globe and observed the vast variety of people’s cultures.  Woodard currently resides in Nacogdoches, the first town established in Texas. Find Ruby on Facebook.


Group Home for Anti-Socials

Rebel Hobson likes to listen to general hob knobbing and story telling told by the people of the Pineywoods. In her blog, “Group Home for Anti-Socials” Hobson experiences then relays banterings and codger she hears from time-to-time in East Texas. Subscribe to her blog today to enjoy overheard ramblings from the Pineywoods.




Ripples of a Rolling Stone

Jessica Sharp is originally from Houston, however she spent much of her youth in small towns hidden away in East Texas. Today her family still owns land in Pennington where she goes to get away. She is currently living in Tyler where she attends Tyler Junior College in pursuit of a Graphics and Marketing degree. Sharp is a seasoned photographer with over eight years of experience. She has had photographs published in TJC’s publication The Bell Tower. She also has over six years of promotions experience. Sharp has also written publications with Texas Music Monthly and Her Magazine of Texarkana, Arkansas. She is also the artist behind Alter Ego Photography & Design.


Texas Junkin’ Ladies

These six Texas ladies scour garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, resale shops and thrift stores in the hopes of finding something that can be either resold or put on our very crowded fireplace mantles. Join them on a journey for junk in East Texas! Follow the Texas Junkin’ Ladies blog today!


Historic Texas Theatre

The Historic Texas Theatre is the crown jewel of downtown Palestine and the finest venue for live entertainment in East Texas. Subscribe to the Historic Texas Theatre’s blog to stay tuned in to what is happening at the Texas!


East Texas Ramblings

Teresa Allen was born and raised in the Pineywoods of East Texas. She is a mom, grandmother, country girl at heart and loves to blog. You can read about happenings in her life, family, view photos that she has taken, humor, crafts, and a few things in between at


3 Responses to ETX Blogs

  1. thanks for putting this great collection together!! this is loads of fun reading for a blogger fan like me!!

  2. Kenneth Bitz says:

    Nice site promoting East Texas, the other Texas Hill Country. Keep it up folks.

  3. Babe says:

    None of these blogs seem to be active since 2012. I just started a blog (January 2017) about my adventures in the pineywoods with my fiance. I was definitely born & raised a big city girl, but after meeting my country boy and spending lots of time in East Texas, I’m glad it will be my home after we get married. I hope to encourage others to adventure, visit the pines of East Texas, and showcase local business. Check out my blog at, and my FB, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!

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