ETX Weather

“Dependable Weather Experience for All of East Texas”

Today: Mostly cloudy; perhaps a shower. High: 80…S wind 12 mph.

Tonight: A shower possible overnight. Low: 66…S wind 10 mph.

Thursday: A couple of thundershowers. High: 79…S wind 12 mph.

Thursday night: Fog and maybe a shower. Low: 64…S wind 10 mph.

Friday: Patchy morning fog; isolated showers. High: 78…S wind 15 mph.

Friday night: A brief evening shower. Low: 65…SSE wind 12 mph.

Saturday: A few showers or a thunderstorm. High: 79…SSE wind 12 mph.

Saturday night: Considerable clouds with a shower or two. Low: 68…SSE wind 10 mph.

Sunday: Widely scattered showers. High: 80…SSE wind 15 mph.

Sunday night: A couple of showers. Low: 66…SSE wind 15 mph.

Monday: Scattered thundershowers and breezy. High: 79…SSE wind 18 mph.

Monday night: A few showers. Low: 64…SSE wind 15 mph.

Tuesday: More numerous thunderstorms possible. High: 80…WSW wind 15 mph.

This Weather Forecast is Compliments of Willoughby’s Weather Vane.

By Jeff Willoughby

See the National Weather Service 7-Day Forecast for:






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